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Puerto Penasco Wildlife

Whales are seasonal in Rocky Point but dolphins, sea lions, osprey, blue herons and pelicans are just a few of the mammals and birds that are here all year round.  Most of these can all be viewed right from your condo or house patio but best to see them up close and personal so hit the beach or hop on a boat and get out there!

Incredible Display by Humpback Whale

These incredible photos were captured by Cholla Bay resident Gillian Panasewicz while aboard the 32 foot catamaran Gato Loco, captained by Bill Hensler.  This humpback whale put on quite the display just off the shore in front of the Mirador area here in Puerto Penasco.  Whales are often seen here in Penasco during the cooler months as they are following krill which is their food source.  We most often see Fin whales, which are the second largest whale in the world next to the Blue, but once in a while we are treated to dazzling displays by the humpbacks.  You can't help but feel humbled in their prescence.

Whale Action in Puerto Penasco 2013

Ponga runs into whale!

Gillian Panasewicz also captured these amazing pictures of a ponga (Mexican fishing boat) actually running right into a humpback whale.  The ponga was loaded down from a successful day of fishing and was speeding towards the harbor when it the whale.  The ponga was launched at a 90 degree angle but did not overturn and the whale immediately dove deep.  Crazy enough, the ponga didn't stop or even slow down but just continued barreling on to the Puerto Penasco harbor.  Fortuantely, the whale resurfaced later for the fabulous breach pictures above as if to show the crew on Gato Loco that it did not incur any injury from being hit.  

Fin whales, sea lions, and dolphins all made appearances, gracing all on board and showing what the wonderful Sea of Cortez has to offer!!  What a day on the water and one that will not soon, if ever, be forgotten!

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